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Venlo, NL


Hello world,

this is me. Jule marei Mohrdieck.


I am an industrial product designer,

with a love for graphic design.


I studied in the Netherlands and graduated with the certificate "Bachelor of Engineering". Here it's not just about design skills, there is also high value placed on the engineering aspects. This is very important for any kind of product and helps to reduces material and manufacturing costs. It also helps to choose the right material and processing method.

After my successful study i am able to design and construct the product you ask for. And of course also any graphic or illustration.

Great insight and experience


Internship at Emami Design, Berlin, Germany

(Product Design)


Responsibilities and achievements:

  • Productdesign
  • Label design and illustration
  • Renderings and  picture editing
  • Aquise and customer contact
  • Presentations in english
  • Working together in a small team



Internship at Entwurfreich, Düsseldorf, Germany

(Industrial and Medical Design)


Responsibilities and achievements:

  • Product- and Packagingdesign
  • Desktop and fieldresearch for several projects
  • Evaluation and advices for the following design
  • Ergonomical studies
  • Building of 1:1 models
  • Presentations  in english
  • Working together in a small team






I love:



electronic music

2nd hand markets

sports and yoga


design fairs photography

meeting new people

to challenge myself




Adobe Creative Suite

(AI, PS, ID, Muse)





Mac and Windows

graphic tablet

beginner in HTML CSS



I work with