Electrolux design lab design competition 2013, topic: social cooking

Electrolux design competition 2013.

This year’s theme was inspired urban living. Electrolux asked for concepts which can shape our future. The focus of which falls into three key areas; Social Cooking, Natural Air and Effortless Cleaning. I chose social cooking and developed the app:

mushroom- together is better.


Are you sick of eating alone due to lack of space or time? Maybe you’re not that much into cooking and need a helping hand and some advices? For geographic mobile people living in urban areas there’s a great way to meet new people and to share one of the most important things in life - food.


Facts about mushroom:


  • Created for busy people living in urban areas
  • Combines fresh food and meeting new people
  • Reminds of being concious about food
  • It's about to take a break and relax



For an intuitive handling, the 12 main options are divided in three subjects. They’re visualised by different colours, inspired by the designlab and Electrolux colours.




  • The minimalist design is tailored to the Electrolux design and the Designlab
  • clean and light design
  • high-contrast colour give mushRoom an unique character and arouse interest.
  • intuitive operation







The story behind the idea


Mushroom focuses on the social aspects of cooking and defines the process of cooking in an inspiring, new way. It’s about being a member of a great, fast growing community and the celebration of food together with new people. It’s also perfect for sharing inspiring pictures, recipes and everything all around food.


Whether you’re at home, on holidays or just moved to a new town. If you feel like cooking just take a look at the different options mushRoom offers and meet people who have the same interests than you.


You’ll get a tasty, freshly prepared lunch and at the same time you get to know new people. Eating in a rush in front of the computer is the past. It’s all about the enjoyment of sharing culinary experience with friends. About being concious of what and with whom you’re eating, taking your time and enjoying the food you prepared.


mushRoom creates 'room' for busy people, who want to take a rest and are interested in getting together with new people.



share leftovers and

get discount


meet new people and get advices


check nutrition and

share information



The name mushroom is associated with vegetables and healthy, tasty food. Moreover it’s a play of word between ‘mushroom’ and ‘room’ itself.




I made several variations of the background and icon colour. Inspired by the electrolux colours and the electrolux design lab 2013 colours i came up with the final solution. I placed high value on bright and high in contrast colour which can be kept in mind easily and distinguish from other apps.


The electrolux colours are a darker, warm blue and a warm red. You can find the concept with those colours in the second row, concept 2. The design lab 2013 colours can you see below. Colours like magenta, turquoise and a gradient between them are used. Also black, grey and white. The colours are eye-catching and  remarkable.

Eletrolux design lab 2013 colours