The refreshing shower gel series “Minuky” consist of four individual products each with unique and energizing fragrances. Through a minimalistic formal language and a clear but still distinctive label design “Minuky” persuades through its fresh character. The highlight: with it#s integrated suction cup, simple and space saving stroing is guaranteed.


In cooperation with Entwurfreich, located in Düsseldorf, Germany, we developed a FMCG concept for hair treatment. My focus was set on the research, colouranalysis and the labeldesign for “Minuky”.


During the process it was important for us to come up with a solution for the lack of space this target group often has. Most of the time, they live in living community's and the bathroom is crowded with shampoo bottles.

Target group


The target group addressed by “Minuky” is situated in the hedonistic Sinus milieu. Freedom, spontaneity, and a clear differentiation to the conservative Milieu are the central values of this young and geographical uncommitted Target group.




Point of sale


At the P.O.S. “Minuky” attracts attention through a vibrating but precise design. Supported by bright coloring it provides orientation for the customer and stimulates its readiness to purchase. Flashy, eye catching and harmonic colours round of the concept.