In this project i imagined to design a kitchen scale for the famous Designer Sam Hecht from London. It was necessary to understand and communicate the main idea which lies behind each design of the chosen designer and capture it in a nutshell.





About Sam Hecht


Hecht strives for minimalist design and focuses on the essentials. His love for architecture is mirrored in his design. It combines the idea of simplicity and logic.


Furthermore his designs are reduced to functionality and emphasize his love of order. Hecht is advocate of "human-centered" design, which places people at the center of the design.


The three leading words from Sam Hecht are:

Simplicity, Logic and orderliness.

Research about the design line from hecht


  • strict and clear style
  • easy, intuitive operation
  • elimination of unimportant extras
  • design is quiet and harmonious
  • use of small radii
  • clear, "sharp" edges
  • mainly uses plastic and glass
  • used colours: white, black, variations of red and green


Smallest details surprises and conviences the viewer.


Display design


"On/ off" and "Tare" can be found on the left, on haptic buttons for an easy, intuitive use. The other setting possibilities can be operated via touch screen. On the left one can see the weight, on the right the egg timer.


The kitchen scale Kisca combines functionality and simplicity It's bend display guarantees a good view even if a big cup is placed on top of the surface.


Colour Sheme


I decided for colours Sam Hecht also uses for nearly all of his designs. The outcome was that he mainly uses white, black and grey. Sometimes he also adds either a little bit of colour as eye catcher and for a special reason or he colours the whole object.


The colours i chose for Kisca can you see here: