In cooperation with Emami Design in Berlin, we developed the interactive electric toothbrush JooJoo. Especially designed for children. It comes with a child-friendly interface design and an individual virtual character. The character’s mood is influenced by the intensity and quality of children’s toothbrushing. The better they brush, the brighter is their animal’s mood.


pedagogical background


Being responsible for their animal’s health status makes children feel appreciated and independent.  Emotional commitment to the toothbrush encourages self-discipline in brushing regularly. The natural urge to play also has a positive effect. Toothbrushing will be a fun game rather than a burden.



How to configurate your Joojoo


Several different configuration possibilities get visible in operating the touchscreen. A simple click on the favourite design will save the setting. This enables the children to design their “JooJoo” entirely according to their wishes. They can choose between different animals, as well as their colour and different backgrounds. The last step is to give their own animal their favourite name.



Feedback for best resUlts


Incorrect brushing will be indicated and corrected.

Integrated pressure sensors notice when the child puts to much pressure on its teeth. If this is the case the doctor‘s case icon will start to flash and the toothbrush will vibrate. The feedback will help the child to recognize its mistake immediately and prevent damages on it’s teeth.





emotional state


Keep the animal in a good mood.

How often and how efficient children brush their teeth will influence the animal’s mood. If they brush regularly, the animal starts to grow and its mood gets better and better. If the child forgets to brush teeth the animal gets sad, thin and needs some time and good brushing to recover. This will motivate children to improve their toothbrushing skills and to stick to a regular toothbrushing schedule.


Design of JooJoo


The toothbrush doesn't have any sharp edges to provide easy cleaning. It fits well in a childrens hand and comes with a big on/ off button. It's charger has a donut-like shape, which is also easy to clean and stands out at the POS.

Rewards as incentive


For even more motivation and stamina some features are available. “JooJoo” can be connected to other devices via WiFi. This helps to get an overview over the brushing behaviour and progress. Via an online account “JooJoo”users can exchange and compare each other’s success. A ranking gives additional motivation. And as a further reward your animal can find friends and family.