The electronic music label dance donation asked me to redesign their old logo. They also needed some flyers and facebook banners for different events.


Logo Design


The new logo is  remarkable and minimalist. The aim donce donation has is to combine events with a social matters. Dance donation donates  the greater part of revenues from their events for social projects.


This gave me the idea to design the two "D's" different. One stands for Dance- which now is the "crazy D". The other one stands for donation, which became the "serious D".  The design now distinguishs the D's from another and give an impression of the meaning behind each "D".





Logo variations


I talked with my client about some proposals and together we came up with the final logo.


Below on the left you can see the old logo, which is dominatet by the big "D". Next to it the new redesign.




Flyer and Banners


Not just the logo, also flyers and banners for facebook should be designed for their first event and the preparty. We agreed to use some blue colour gradients, black, grey and some white accents. Dance Donation also asked to put in some geometrical shapes.


I also created a new font for the locations. (Loftus Hall and Bender Bar, which fits to the geometrical design theme.)