In a group of two we were supposed to work out a parametric design of a sugar/candy box with a snap connection. After that  we had to define the load and dimension as a  variable. The design must be as simple and as light as possible. Nevertheless strong enough to deal with the load. We should figure out the perfect sizes with the help of our parametric values.


The module ″Computer Aided Engineering″ basically should show us how to design something parametric. Therefore we should implement the knowledge of the courses Computer Aided Design, Engineering & Construction, Material Science, Strength of Material, Design for Injection Moulding or Statics. With this knowledge we were supposed to solve an engineering assignment. The software programmes we should use for this assignment were SolidWorks and Excel. The goal was to get more familiar with the different functions you can achieve with using this two programmes in combination.




Parametric design


The spring of the dispenser is designed parametric. This means by changing the values of the dispenser in our excel-sheet (by pushing the light-blue areas), the model will also change. Values which are parametric are the length and the width of the spring, the force as well as the material.




The graphs represents the forces (D-line), displacement (M-line),  angular displacement (Phi-line) and bending (y-line) of the critical parts as well as the spring.



The dispenser just consists of two parts. The outer part will be manufactured in three different colors - one for each flavour. The color of the icon and type will always be white. This has two reasons, one if them is the costs and the other one the characteristic connection between the dispensers.


In the back of the outer part there’s a cut out . It’s big enough to handle the dispenser easily.  We just made the cut-out on the back of the outer part to have enough space to place our logo in a appealing position.

On the back there’s still enough space to write down ingredients and other informations about the sweets.


Packaging Design


The little mouth of the "crazy candys" allows an inside view to have a look at the content of the box. Moreover it gives crazy candy a unique selling point and recognition value.





Many thanks to Annika Greven.