In cooperation with Emami Design in Berlin, we developed the cable tie “Boneband”. It is reusable and durable to manufacture. Boneband takes advantage of the materials properties to replace a complex fastening construction.


How does it work?


“Boneband” is a flat stripe which can easily be bend. Different steps are required to close it tight. First of all the end of it has to be turned about 90°. Afterwards it can be bend and led through the hole. After releasing the end it leaps back into its original shape. This event leads to an interlock between the two different ends. Even under high pressure and stress this will prevent “Boneband” from opening accidently.


fields of application


The mainfunction of “Boneband” is the usage as cable tie. Other possibilities of application are the use as belt, wrist band or bag closer.


improvements through boneband


Compared to already existing cable ties (visible on the picture below) “Boneband” convinces in several ways. It can be produced through punching, which is an efficient and cheap way to manufacture products made from plastic. Moreover it can be reused and adjusted to different sizes.


Common cable ties are hard to open or can't be opened at all. There often is no possibility for reuse.

For production an expensive mold is required for manufacturing and it sometimes opens accidentally due to heavy impact.